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Experienced teams

Through tested methodology, our microservices teams offer highly effective services and have already helped many companies to develop new applications or to change old ones very efficiently. During development, we attach particular importance to sustainability, which means that we can then offer our customers a very affordable maintenance offer


One microteam is a team of up to five software engineers specialised in building small software applications called microservices.

They work together with customers and deliver running code. Methodical and systematic work brings results and joy both to customers and engineers.

Self Organised

Driven by requirements and goals microteams self organise internal work.


From requirements to running code microteams cover all aspects.


Set up in hours, first code in a few days and full delivery in weeks.


Unlike big monolithic applications the whole information system can be built from small running applications called microservices.

With the right approach there is no limit how small or big or complex the system can be. Netflix, eBay, Amazon, Twitter or PayPal know it.

Full System

From frontend to database or legacy system, microservices cover all.

Step by Step

Instead of big-bang microservices can be added or updated one-by-one.

Fast Delivery

No need to wait until everything is done. The deploy is done continuously.

We have helped several companies

We have delivered development and support teams for a German automobile manufacturer. With the help of the microservices team, we created several apps and integrated them into an existing system from a Korean automaker
We completely replaced the outdated parts of the information system for a bank in Austria
For a large telecommunications company in Switzerland, we have replaced the existing parts of the information system with a modern and slightly sustainable one

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